Anonymous said: Do you have a screen cap of Nathan telling Brooke he's gonna be mad if Brooke doesn't come to him for help? It's after she got beat up and before q's funeral. Thanks.

If you look back in the archive to January 2012, there are some screen caps from that conversation :)

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wow okay I’m so so sorry I haven’t been posting anymore, my laptop has literally been broken for like a year. It has all my stuff on it so I have to get it fixed before I can make more screen caps! Don’t unfollow me I still love you all and will be finishing the series eventually xoxoxo

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t-rexdrummer said: I apologize for reblogging almost everything you have posted but your blog is perfection!

ahh don’t apologize, reblog everything!!

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Anonymous said: Do you happen to have gifs of Grubbs on OTH?

no gifs

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